Commit 3e6005f9 authored by Dino Sharich's avatar Dino Sharich ⛹🏿

Fix double dot in the error message

parent 66c251f3
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ const char* const Error::Descriptions[] = {
[OutOfResources] = "No more of the requested resources.",
[Memory] = "Memory was accessed in an invalid way.",
[Internal] = "Internal error inside precompiled module where the code cannot be accessed.",
[InvalidUse] = "Invalid use of a function..",
[InvalidUse] = "Invalid use of a function.",
[Busy] = "Resource is busy.",
[StackCorrupt] = "Stackframe got corrupted (maybe array out of bounds).",
[InvalidParameter] = "Parameter supplied to the function is invalid.",
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